Monday, March 7, 2016

What is this and why?

With this blog, family and friends (and Friends!) can share their thoughts and remembrances of dear Theresa.  It was requested that this be created for that sharing.
To make a comment on this or any posts in this blog doesn't require anything special, but comments can not have pictures or other attachments.
A new "Post" can have pictures, etc. but making a post requires that you be an "author".  Let me know by email ( that you want to make a new post and I'll make you authorized to do that.

On any post, click on the "Comments" word below the post if the comments are not already showing.  That will allow you to see what others have written and create a comment yourself.

It will ask if you want to be identified by an existing account (Google, Blogspot, AIM, etc) or use "Anonymous". If you choose "Anonymous" please let us know who you are in the text of your comment.

If you come here just to see what has been posted, you also click "Comments" if they are not already displaying.

RIP Peace Lady.